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Update: TPG Usage Widget

Saturday, June 21st, 2008

Update: Make sure you get the latest version of the widget!

As requested by a few users, I’ve updated the TPG Usage Widget to be a bit smarter about setting the yellow and red levels in on the indicators.

Previously, yellow was at 75% of maximum, and red at 90%.

The widget now considers the level your usage should be at, given your monthly limit and how much of the month is left. If you’re beyond this point, the indicator bar will be red. If you’re within a day of hitting this limit then the indicator bar is yellow.

Try it out… it makes a lot more sense when you see this in action. Any feedback on this is welcome!

(Also fixed a bug in the days countdown)

Download TPG Usage Widget (version 1.2, 88kb)

Update 27/07/08: Update 1.4 to fix a major bug

New BikeJournal Facebook App Feature

Monday, June 16th, 2008

I’ve just added a top 5 riders list to the BikeJournal Facebook App.

This shows the users who have ridden the furthest in the current month, and sits at the bottom of the config screen so only logged in app users will be able to see it, but I’ll find somewhere better for it.