Update: TPG Usage Widget

A very minor update to make the widget work with the recent change to the TPG site (seems someone decided they should refer to Downloads instead of Download).

Download TPG Widget version 1.11

Note that previous versions of the widget are no longer functional

23 Responses to “Update: TPG Usage Widget”

  1. Alan Says:

    It took me a while to figure out that the previous version had been permanently disabled. Thanks for updating the widget – very helpful!!

  2. Patchy Says:

    Thanks for the quick update!

  3. Steve Says:

    Thanks so much for the update mate, really happy with this simple widget. Keep up the good work

  4. Max W Says:

    Hey Ethan, Thank you so much for the Widget and for still keeping it up to date with TPG.

    Thanks again, you’re a champion!

  5. melissa Says:

    love this widget, it is awesome. thanks 🙂

  6. Andrew Says:

    Cheers for the update. Great job with such a useful and minimal tool.

  7. nobody Says:


    Thanks for writing this widget. I find it really useful. There is a small bug in the GUI when dealing with large (200GB) plans?

    Any chance you can allow for larger numbers (and the layout results thereof)?


  8. Warren S Says:

    My thanks too for this widget, I have it on two computers and can’t do without it. But I’m getting the ‘Error readingTPG data…’ message on both computers today. My billing cycle ended yesterday, could that be related?

  9. ethan Says:

    @Warren: The “Error reading TPG data” will show up when the TPG site can’t be reached or isn’t displaying what the widget is looking for. I have occasionally seen this myself, but normally I just close the dashboard, open it up again and the problem goes away.

    Let me know if you see this happening again.

    @nobody (or anybody, really): Can you send me a screenshot of this? I’ll have to look into scaling the font size down…

  10. David Angelovich Says:

    Great widget! Thanks!

  11. Nobody Says:

    Hi Ethan,

    Where would you like me to send the screenshot?

    I should be hitting some large numbers by the end of the month so I can send one then. The email address provided for this post works, if you want to email it to me.

    Cheers and thanks for responding and keeping this widget up to date!

  12. Laurence G Says:

    Thanks for this Widget. It’s convenient and effortless. Pulling up my usage stats is as easy as pushing a button! Cheers!

  13. Steve Says:

    Any chance you can add an option to count uploads to the mix to reflect TPG’s new uploading inclusive plans?

  14. Ben Says:

    I must be missing something really simple, i cannot get this to work im on the TPG 200gig plan, enter the same username and password which i use to access the account management and the webmail but still cant get it to work, just comes up saying incorrect username and password

  15. ethan Says:

    @Ben: I’ve will reply via email to get some more info from you, so we can hopefully get this fixed

  16. Steve Says:

    Hey Ben + Ethan,

    Not sure if you’ve resolved this yet, but the problem is on line 290 of TPG.js…
    var peakUsage = grabSubstring(text, “Peak Downloads used: “, ” MB”);

    It needs to be changed to…
    var peakUsage = grabSubstring(text, “Downloads used: “, ” MB”);

    Because on the 200gig plan there is no peak/off peak.


  17. Warren Says:

    I really like this widget, but does ‘usage’ only include downloads, not uploads too?

  18. David Says:

    Can you update this to display uploads as well? The new plans don’t just count downloads any more…
    Great work otherwise.

  19. lugg0 Says:

    Thanks for this widget! Have been using it for a while. However it is inaccurate now.

    My TPG ADSL2+ plan counts both downloads and uploads in the usage for peak and off-peak and this widget only displays the download amount. Is it possible to combine both download and upload for the usage?

  20. Brent Shepherd Says:

    RE: 200GB Plan

    Thanks Steve for providing the fix.

    For others, here’s where to find the TPG.js file.

    cd ~/Library/Widgets/TPG.wdgt/TPG.js

    Then once you have changed line 290 to:

    var peakUsage = grabSubstring(text, “Downloads used: “, ” MB”);

    Remove the widget from your dashboard, then add a new instance.

  21. Nick Says:

    I can’t seem to log in at all.. and yes I do have the latest version!

  22. Scott Williams Says:

    Mate my widget says ‘no username or password entered’. How do I go about activating the widget? Thanks.

  23. Steve Dorman Says:

    Is it possible for this widget to show Uploads as well? I got shaped several days ago as Uploads aren’t shown in the TPG app. I’m on an Off-Net plan.

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