Update: TPG Usage Widget

Download TPG Widget for OSX (version 1.10, 92kb)

  • Fixed major bug in percentage calculations that was causing us to always use the 10% warning, 20% critical limits
  • Modified horizontalIndicator behaviour – don’t show critical unless we are over the critical limit. Basically, this has the effect of “rounding down” from critical to warning, which is useful, given the granularity of the indicator I’m using
  • Removed target percentage, it’s unnecessary
  • Fixed minor bug with clicking on the two targets in quick succession

I think it’s time to update this page with product info and revision history, instead of having separate posts for each update….

3 Responses to “Update: TPG Usage Widget”

  1. wes Says:

    Hiya, impressed with the widget and intend using it to keep an eye on TPG.

    However, I’m also keen to track what I think may be a discrepancy in how TPG calculates download and upload data volumes.

    TPG says I’ve used a LOT more download volume than I thought, say 9 GB where I thought I’d really only downloaded 4 GB.

    Then I noticed I was uploading about 4 or 5 GB via a popular filesharing client…
    ~4+5=9 GB

    Even though TPG state that they do not charge for upload, and upload does not count against one’s monthly download quota. I called up the TPG techie desk and they confirmed this, but claimed there was no way that my upload was counting against my download quota (different servers).

    They suggested that someone may be stealing bandwidth via my WiFi (which is unlikely given it’s secure/encrypted and MAC filtered).

    Is it at all possible to write a widget to tally up over time up/download in peak/off-peak times from the computer (and ideally even a modem), and compare with the usage stats claimed by TPG?

    Many thanks,

  2. bobbysdad Says:

    Would it be too difficult for you to upgrade this please, now that TPG have made changes their Update Page and Plans?

    Cheers, and hope all’s well.


  3. ethan Says:

    Hi Bobby,

    Widget has now been updated. You can download from the http://www.3thirty.net/tpgwidget/download

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