BikeJournal Facebook App Ready for use

My BikeJournal/Facebook app is ready for general use.

This app grabs your journal from BikeJournal and displays it on your Facebook. The profile box will automatically be updated with all your BikeJournal rides at 10PM Melbourne time (6AM US EST)

This is what the output looks like (from my profile)

BikeJournal Display

At the moment, the options are pretty slim. You can select the columns from your journal to display:

BikeJournal App Controls

You can install the app here , and I have a TODO list here

I must say that the Facebook platform is pretty nice. A few gotchas, but nothing that really held me up for too long. As should be the case, the majority of my time was spent on my side of the app development (not Facebook integration). In fact, the biggest issue I ran into was parsing the HTML of the BikeJournal journal page.

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3 Responses to “BikeJournal Facebook App Ready for use”

  1. sbhebert Says:

    Hi there,

    I’m really interested in using this facebook app. Unfortunately, the app does not seem to want to grab my data from my journal so that I can create the link between the two. When I select “Get All Columns from Journal”, the page changes to indicate that it is loading the data…but even after several minutes, nothing happens. Consequently, I am unable to add the app to my facebook.


  2. admin Says:

    Try again now.. sometimes bikejournal slows way down and the facebook platform times out. I’ve changed the app to cache the data, so if you click the link once, get nothing (after 30 seconds) and click again, you’ll get the data almost immediately, from our cache.

    Let me know if you have any problems. I haven’t really tested this with different column layouts etc, so it might have a few issues 🙂


  3. sbhebert Says:

    Excellent! Thanks for the swift response. I’m only showing a few columns…looks great.

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